The Lit Lady

Hi! I'm Liz.

lizblogphoto-pjs316dp7mzu6mo7fn0k7kxr8e22is0c9u1d88uaq8 The Lit Lady

I am so excited to host this blog for my fellow English teachers, as well as anyone who is interested in contemporary fiction, young adult fiction, British fiction, and personal growth books.

The purpose of this site is to recommend and review contemporary books. My sincere hope is to be a reliable and trusted resource for those who are looking for high interest reads for their high school students and themselves.

A little about me:

I have been teaching English for twenty years and an avid reader my entire life.

I have a MSEd in Literacy and B.A. in English Education. I have taught every grade level from freshmen to seniors, at both public and private high schools. I have also taught college freshmen at my local community college. 

I am also a Little Free Library steward and a mom to two reluctant readers, so I am always on the hunt for good reads! Many of the reviews on this page will be geared to 9th and 12th grade students, as that is who I primarily teach.

I also will recommend fiction and personal growth books for adults, because I think it is incredibly important that teachers read for our own enjoyment as well.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of stories. Books change lives, and I know that it is important and necessary for our students to have access to the books that will help them grow, heal, and become stable and strong adults. 

Sharing what I read with others is my passion and my hope is that the information on this site will inspire my fellow literature teachers, along with anyone else who loves reading!