The Complete List of Colleen Hoover Books – In Order

Ode to The Queen of Contemporary Romance: COLLEEN HOOVER - With a Complete Book List (in Chronological AND Series Order)!

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Never fear! The romance genre is alive and well!

Here are the lists of Colleen Hoover’s standalone books and series! Continue reading if you are looking for tons more Colleen Hoover info, including why teenagers (and their moms!) are binge reading her novels!

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Colleen Hoover Books- Standalone Novel List (most recent first):

Reminders of Him – 2022

Layla – 2020

Heart Bones – 2020

Regretting You – 2019

Verity – 2018

All Your Perfects – 2018

Without Merit – 2017

Too Late – 2016

November 9 – 2015

Confess – 2015

Ugly Love – 2014

Colleen Hoover - Book Series List:


It Ends With Us Series

Book 1: It Ends With Us – 2016

Book 2: It Starts with Us – 2022


Hopeless Series: 

Book 1: Hopeless – 2012

Book 2: Losing Hope – 2013

Book 3: Finding Cinderella – 2013

Book 4: Finding Perfect – 2019


Maybe Series: 

Book 1: Maybe Someday – 2014

Book 2: Maybe Not – 2014

Book 3: Maybe Now – 2018


Slammed Series: 

Book 1: Slammed – 2012

Book 2: Point of Retreat – 2012 

Book 3: This Girl – 2013


Never Never Series (co-authored with Tarryn Fisher): YOUNG ADULT – re-released in 2023 as one volume.

Book 1: Never Never (Part 1) – 2015

Book 2: Never Never (Part 2) – 2015

Book 3: Never Never (Part 3) – 2016

Books 1, 2, 3 in one volume: Never Never – 2023

Colleen Hoover Books in Chronological Order:

  1. Slammed – 2012
  2. Point of Retreat – 2012
  3. Hopeless -2012
  4. This Girl – 2013
  5. Losing Hope – 2013
  6. Finding Cinderella – 2013
  7. Maybe Someday -2014
  8. Ugly Love – 2014
  9. Maybe Not – 2014
  10. Confess  -2015
  11. November 9 – 2015
  12. Never Never (Part One) – 2015
  13. Never Never (Part Two) – 2015 
  14. Never Never (Part Three) – 2016
  15. It Ends With Us – 2016
  16. Too Late – 2016
  17. Without Merit – 2017
  18. All Your Perfects – 2018
  19. Maybe Now – 2018
  20. Verity – 2018
  21. Finding Perfect – 2019
  22. Regretting You – 2019
  23. Heart Bones – 2020
  24. Layla – 2020
  25. Reminders Of Him – 2022
  26. It Starts With Us – 2022
  27. Never Never (All three parts re-released as one volume) – 2023

Contemporary Romance Novels are BACK and as popular as ever!

It is nearly impossible for any bibliophile today to ignore Colleen Hoover’s large presence in our book world. Her books are literally everywhere. 

I, for one, did not know much at all about Colleen Hoover or her books until my students began binge reading them with a vengeance. I mean, girls who would groan when I would assign a new read were finishing their classwork early so they get a few more pages read. And I noticed that these girls had a new book nearly every week. 

THIS caught my interest, big time. If my students are reading it, then I am giving it a solid try as well. 


Last year, on the final day of classes, my senior students surprised me with the best gift an English teacher can receive – BOOKS! They secretly got together and decided to each give me their favorite book, complete with notes about how much they loved our class. I know: CUE TEARS. Even thinking about it now makes me emotional. 

But, I digress! The point is that I received FIVE Colleen Hoover novels that day…and now I get it. These books are fun, easy to read, and have that “unputdownable” (a new word care of my seniors) quality that just cannot be ignored. 


Along with Colleen Hoover herself, we can also thank social media for inspiring these girls to read! The #booktok hashtag on TikTok is not only taking over our feeds, it is being marketed at our bookstores. My local Barnes and Noble has a table dedicated to #booktok – and whose novels dominate that table today? You got it, Colleen Hoover. 

Quick Disclaimer

Just to be clear, I do NOT recommend Colleen Hoover books to my high school students, nor do I recommend any other  romance novels to them, young adult or not. However, they LOVE to recommend them to me!

Adults are Loving Colleen Hoover, Too!

Over the last few months, I am noticing that my grown up friends are also reading Hoover’s contemporary romance novels.

Women in our forties are back in it, loving the romance genre that we left behind in the nineties. My students’ moms are reading these novels and sharing them with their daughters.

As a Little Free Library steward I can also anecdotally attest that every Colleen Hoover novel I put out there (NOT the same beloved copies from my students) are gone in days, even hours sometimes.

Maybe it’s the fact that Colleen Hoover’s books have won awards on Goodreads and have dominated the New York Times Bestseller list?

I don’t know the answer, but I am HERE FOR IT! Anything that promotes reading is for me. Anything that inspires us to run to the bookstore after work for the next one, I say a big, loud, hearty YES!

So, thank you, Colleen Hoover, for sparking a reading movement!

Colleen Hoover Books in Chronological Order With Short Summaries:


Slammed – 2012

Slammed Series – Book One

After the death of her father, eighteen-year-old Layken keeps it together for her mother and brother. On the outside, she seems strong, but inside, she is troubled and lost. Then Layken meets Will and her life changes in ways she never imagined. A story of love and poetry, Hoover’s debut novel is not to be missed.


Point of Retreat – 2012

Slammed Series – Book Two

Layken and Will’s story continues as new information about Will’s past changes everything they thought they knew.


Hopeless -2012

Hopeless Series – Book One

High school senior Sky meets Dean Holder, a guy who both scares and excites her. Something about Dean reminds her of memories she has long tried to keep locked away. As their bond grows, they will both have to come to terms with their pasts.


This Girl – 2013

Slammed Series – Book Three

Layken and Will’s story comes to a conclusion. Hear Will’s side of the story.


Losing Hope – 2013

Hopeless Series – Book Two

In the second book in the Hopeless series, we finally learn the truth about Dean Holder. Can he heal from the trauma of his past?


Finding Cinderella – 2013 (a novella)

Hopeless Series – Book Three

Eighteen-year-old Daniel and a girl he has just met profess their love for each other, but on two conditions: they agree it will last only one hour, and it will be only make-believe.


Maybe Someday -2014

Maybe Series – Book One

Sydney is in college, enjoys her job, loves her boyfriend, Hunter, and lives with her best friend, Tori. But when she discovers that Hunter is cheating, Sydney must decide what to do next with her life.


Ugly Love – 2014

When Tate Collins and Miles Archer meet, they know they are attracted to one another, but their relationship is built on two rules: never ask about the past and don’t expect a future.


Maybe Not – 2014 (a novella)

Maybe Series – Book Two

When Warren and Bridgette decide to room together, they instantly dislike one another. But Warren has a theory about Bridgette: if Bridgette can hate that much, she can also love that much. And Warren wants to find out if he’s right.


Confess  -2015

Auburn Reed’s life is shattered, and she cannot make any mistakes if she wants to rebuild it. But while on her job search, she doesn’t expect to find herself attracted to the mysterious Owen Gentry.


November 9 – 2015

Fallon meets Ben the day before she is about to move across the country. They spend one perfect day together and decide to repeat it every year on the same date.


Never Never – Part One, Part Two, Part Three – all co-authored with Tarryn Fisher 

Originally written in 2015-16. Re-released in 2023 as one volume. 

Charlize Wynwood and Silas Nash have always been best friends and they have been in love since . they were both fourteen. But as of this morning…they are complete strangers. Every single memory has vanished.


It Ends With Us – 2016

Lily has made a life for herself, and it has not always been easy. When she meets Ryle Kincaid, she cannot believe her good luck, even though he refuses to date anyone. When Lily’s first love, Atlas Corrigan, comes back into her life, Lily has to make difficult choices. 


Too Late – 2016


Without Merit – 2017

The Voss family is unique – where they live, how they live – no one would consider them to be “normal”. Merit Voss meets Sagan, whose presence in her life changes the way she views life. 

But once she realizes he is unavailable she begins to again turn inward, until she learns a secret that changes everything. 


All Your Perfects – 2018

Quinn and Graham’s once perfect marriage is crumbling and the one thing that could save them could also destroy everything they worked so hard for. A modern love story. 


Maybe Now – 2018

Ridge and Sydney are free to live happily ever after while Warren and Bridgette’s relationship is still rocky.

When Maggie finds an old bucket list, she decides to fulfill it. While Maggie keeps in touch with Ridge, Sydney becomes more suspicious of their relationship. 


Verity – 2018

#1 New York Times Bestseller / USA Today Bestseller / The Globe and Mail Bestseller / Publishers Weekly Bestseller

Struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh accepts a job offer from Jeremy Crawford at just the right time to save her from financial devastation. Jeremy, the husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, hires Lowen to complete the remaining books in a series that Verity is unable to complete herself. 

As Lowen begins to dig through Verity’s notes, she finds information that Verity never wanted anyone to see. 


Finding Perfect – 2019

Hopeless Series – Book Four

Friends Daniel, Six, Holder, Sky, and Breckin plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with a dinner at Sky’s parents’ house. But a secret within the group creates a tense holiday. 


Regretting You – 2019

Morgan Grant wants to prevent her sixteen-year-old daughter, Clara, from making the same mistakes that Morgan made, getting married and pregnant too young. Morgan and Clara argue incessantly, with Chris, Morgan’s husband and Clara’s dad, as the only peacemaker. But when a tragic accident occurs involving Chris, Morgan and Clara have to find a way to not only make peace, but find their way back to one another. 


Heart Bones – 2020

Beyah Grim’s childhood was difficult, but she is about to finally make her way out of Kentucky with a full scholarship to Penn State. However, before she leaves home for good, a sudden death changes her plans. Beyah’s new neighbor Samson is obnoxious, but she cannot ignore their chemistry.  The two plan to part ways at the end of the summer, but they can’t foresee what is in store for them both. 


Layla – 2020

When Leed and Layla meet, it is true love. But, after a tragic attack, Layla is fighting for her life. When she has finally physically recovered, Leeds realizes that emotionally she is no longer the girl he fell in love with. Leeds begins spending more time with Willow, and eventually Leeds has a difficult choice to make. 


Reminders Of Him – 2022

After serving years in prison for a terrible mistake, Kenna Rowan returns home, hoping to reunite with her four-year-old daughter. Kenna soon realizes that it won’t be that easy, with everyone involved in her daughter’s life trying to shut Kenna out. 

Ledger Ward is a local bar owner and one of the only people who sees the good in Kenna. But to be with Ledger, Kenna must find a way to make peace with her past.


It Starts With Us – 2022

Lily and Ryle, her ex-husband, are learning to co-parent civilly when she sees her first love, Atlas, again. Switching between Lily’s and Atlas’s narration, It Starts With Us picks up right where It Ends With Us finished. 


Watch the official book trailer for Reminders of Him below:

Colleen Hoover - Fun Facts!

Colleen Hoover grew up in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

She is the founder of the Bookworm Box, a subscription service that connects signed novel copies from popular authors to readers. The proceeds are donated to various charities. 

Her first book Slammed was self-published.

For more information, check out Colleen Hoover’s website here. 

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A Complete Colleen Hoover Book List - In Order

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